ANTS: Multiple MBR Windows
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 21:43:42 -0700

ReportID: 14

User: John Lange
Subject: Multiple MBR Windows
Date: 1998-08-03 10:36:00

Description: HI
Multiple MBR Windows are GREAT But...
2.5.115 Lets me open the same MBR several times.
Looks like no record locking or dupe checking.
This is OK for me, but some of my fellow employees
could really make a mess of things.
Last one to save Wins.

JOhn :}


Revision: 122
Subject: MBR edit restriction

Description: Emerald will now only allow up to 10 unique user edit windows opened.
If you try to open up a MBR which already is open in another window,
Emerald will tell you and refuse to open it a second time. We are
working on automatically bringing up the edit window.