ANTS: Logfile Keeps Growing
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 14:22:26 -0700

ReportID: 61

User: Duane Schaub
Subject: Logfile Keeps Growing
Date: 1998-08-12 05:36:00

Description: If do not have a check in the Logfile field, but I keep getting a logfile with errors. The error is Unable to update - Duplicate Entry on the calls table for calls already present. The log file grows about 1 Mb per day.

Version 2.5.134


Revision: 120
Subject: Logfile definition is for debug, not generic

Description: The logfile definition in the RadiusNT Admin is for the debug logfile.
It has nothing to do with the normal log file. If you are recieiving
a high number of duplicate accounting records, you should see where
the botttleneck is and resolve it.