Feature Request FTP Dirs unique to Billing Groups

Barry Kiesz ( (no email) )
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 18:36:38 -0500

Since I am unable to post to the ANTS site due to Cold Fusion and SQL
errors, I guess I'll post here and hope Dale sees this.. I've already
posted this once before; with no response!

Dale or Kurt... Please respond!

We do wholesale services for other ISPs in the area and up until now, due to
the unique logins in 2.2, the following feature has not been an issue. In
2.5 you give us the ability to use unique logins, invoices, and billing
e-mails all linked to the billing group. But our problem now lies in the
setting up of FTP directories in the Admin Applet. Is there a way to setup
FTP paths unique to a billing group? This, I feel, would only make sense
(unless I'm missing the big picture). If it's available now, tell me how.
If not, could you throw it in 'quick' :) This little addition would
make a BIG difference in our little world and others who perform Outsourcing

Keep up the good work, it's lookin' great



Barry Kiesz
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