David Khoury ( )
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 18:03:22 +1000

I finally managed to get off my butt and install Emerald 2.5 . I've got
no excuse except for some major changes to our network that totally sucked
up my time.

Anyway, I encountered that shdocvw.dll problem that was talked about
previously on the list. Emerald administrator also complained about a
missing "dropold.sql" script when doing the upgrade on my test database.
I'll assume you know about these, Dale.

In the Security section of Administrator, the Operators list is initially
blank for me. I have to flick over to "Operator Access" and back to
"Operators" to see a list. Clicking on the "check" button dosen't appear
to do anything. Clicking on "save" brings up an error about "Invalid
column name EMail".

Also, I don't know if you remember Dale, but you mentioned ages ago that
you'd add support for 3 character states in the client. I renamed the
"state" column in "MasterAccounts" to "stateold", created a new column
called "state" with varchar(3). Started up the Emerald client and it still
wouldn't allow me to add 3 characters in the state field.

If you could get this going, it would be greatly appreciated. It's so
weird seeing two characters for states.

Well, that's it for now. Tomorrow I'll look into how well the
international date support works, and also muck around with billing.

Sorry I took so long ... I've been really itching to get Emerald 2.5
going, so it's a relief to finally get the chance to do it.

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