credit card saving

J Dyer ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 08:55:09 +0100

Hi, Dale

More detail on the problem I am having with credit cards.
I switched on debug.
Select an MBR
Go into billing.
select the billing cycle
select pay by credit card (the card details are already there-- customer
from old Emerald DB)
select pay period Monthly
Hit Save
and I get SQL Command Failed!

Tried it with a new account with the same result.

BTW could we have it so that the tab key moves between fields when filling
in the credit card details ?

Julian Dyer
Athene Internet

ps there is currently no access to the beta ftp site, is this intended?

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> J Dyer wrote:
> >
> > Found out why RadLog did not work, The Rad Messages table was
> empty, took
> > the table from a blank 2.5 database (created by Emerald Admin) and it
> > worked.
> Yep. The bottom of the codetabs.sql script has the lines to populate a
> RadLogMsgs table.
> > Still have not solved why credit card entry causes an SQL Error ?
> I'm not sure. Can you do a Control-Paste after the error with debug
> mode enabled? In my test database here the CC information stuff is
> working.
> > Also I can not get EmerAuth.dll to work (reg entries added as per doc)
> > original Emer_su.dll working ok.
> What does the EmerAuth logfile show?
> > Bug in the way Radlog works pressing update causes the entrys
> in the table
> > to display twice.
> Ok. Corrected the clear problem.
> > Also a request for improvement. Can the MBR or the service be
> displayed if
> > we double click on a valid username in the Radlogs display table.
> I updates radlogs to work the same way the on-line works.
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