RE: Emerald 2.5 (RadLog Problem)

J Dyer ( (no email) )
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 17:59:03 +0100

Found out why RadLog did not work, The Rad Messages table was empty, took
the table from a blank 2.5 database (created by Emerald Admin) and it
Still have not solved why credit card entry causes an SQL Error ?
Also I can not get EmerAuth.dll to work (reg entries added as per doc)
original Emer_su.dll working ok.

Bug in the way Radlog works pressing update causes the entrys in the table
to display twice.
Also a request for improvement. Can the MBR or the service be displayed if
we double click on a valid username in the Radlogs display table.
Julian Dyer
Athene Internet