Re: RadiuNT/SQL slow response

Steve Rich ( )
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 09:38:52 -0500

We're running several RadiusNT servers, each a dual-PII 266MHz Dell server, and
we're getting "43 avg" response time. For me, recognizing that the WHERE
condition "(sa.Login='user' or sa.Shell='user')" required an index on both, Login
and Shell (even though we don't signup shell accounts). Once that was done the
speed increased by 10 times faster than what it was.

Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

> Kurt Lange wrote:
> >
> > I'm having a problem getting RadiusNT to authenticate more than 7 USR TC
> > Netserver Chassis (14 t1's). It seems to Authenticate 14 T-1's OK but when
> > I add a few more all authentication stops. Anyone running this on 30+ t1's?
> > My response time between Radius and SQL doesn't seem impressive but it's
> > consistent across multiple SQL/PC tests.
> >
> > Checking Radius user test:
> ...
> > At the Radius -x15 debug screen the response time for each of those requests
> > was between 1100-1299, the times do not correspond.
> Run RadiusNT with debug all turned off as a service. Does the response
> times change? You will ALWAYS see a significant performance hit by
> running in -x15 debug mode. If you don't have a specific reason, don't
> run it in that mode.
> RadiusNT reports its repsonse time of handling the request. Radlogin
> reports the roundtrip response time including the network latency.
> They will not be the same.
> > When I add on the 8th/9th/etc.. chassis and run radlogin it just times out
> > on every request. When I switch all the chassis off Radius NT it will
> > continue displaying debug/auth. information for awhile 10-20 seconds. It
> > seems like it's getting behind and it's processing the requests but by the
> > time it processes the request the NAS has given up and sent a new request
> > and it ignore's the last ACK???
> Most likely. You need to be seeing < 250ms response times when running
> as a service. If you are not, you need to find out why.
> > I have run this on multiple different PCs, SQL Servers and run radlogin
> > directly from the Radius/SQL server and the response times always seem to be
> > between 1000-2000. Lasts results ran against a Double Pentium II/300, 512MB
> > Ram, RadiusNT, SQL and Radlogin all running on same PC I think that should
> > eliminate network performance. Also, run as service and without accounting
> > (currently still running without accounting).
> You should look at home much memory is allocated to SQL Server. On my
> p133 Notebook with 16mb of memory to SQL Server and 5000 users, I can
> get
> 80ms from RadiusNT and radlogin all day long.
> You also might want to setup a second machine running RadiusNT and split
> the
> primary auth load between the two of them (using the other one as the
> secondary auth). That should help improve things a bit. RadiusNT
> itself
> isn't CPU intensive, so it can run on just about any type of machine.
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