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David Moore ( )
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 08:49:15 -0400

Evidently I am not stripping them. I have both TreatAsLocal and
StripDomain flagged and I have the authorization and accounting ports
listed. What else do I need to do? Authorization works fine.

At 10:10 PM 8/30/98 -0700, you wrote:
>David Moore wrote:
>> Yes, the realm is showing in the calls online view. The same UserID@Relm
>> shows up in both concurrent records. How can I fix it?
>It looks like the accounting records are not having the realm
>removed via the treat as local option. Do you have proxy enabled
>for accounting as well?
>> >> Also, with the stop record not showing up, my CallsOnline table makes it
>> look like the user is still online. However, I can still call up and log on
>> with the same user name and password. I have Concurrency Control checked,
>> but it still authorizes the user. I don't know if it makes a difference,
>> but the UserName still has the realm appended (on each concurrent login).
>> The Login field in SubAccounts does not have it. (We are successfully using
>> the roaming feature to strip it as it is passed to us from merit - Great
>> feature.)
>> >
>> >Does the realm show in the callsonline view? If so, that could be
>> >what is causing the problem.
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