RE: User Restrictions

Tim Ballingall ( )
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 11:05:40 +1000

I entered the Framed-Netmask & still had no luck.. I ran a debug &
noticed that the only data I am sending is that which I have put in the
RadConfigs table.. It ( RadiusNT ) doesn't seem to be sending all my
other values that are setup in RadATConfigs - that is things like
Routing info, Protocol etc...

I hope this doesn't mean I need to duplicate my account defaults in the
RadConfigs ?



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From: Terry Bomersbach []
Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 1998 10:20 AM
Subject: Re: User Restrictions

>I tried creating an entry in the RadConfigs table & my connection gets
>rejected.. The Ascend disconnect cause is 185. If I create a different
>account type in RadATConfigs & fix the IP address in there everything
>works ok..
>Do I need anything else in my RadConfigs beside AccountID, Attribute ID
>( 8 )& a data value that contains my IP address. The value column is
>left as 0.

I have found that I must also add an attribute for Framed-Netmask (9) in
order for my Max's to handle it correctly for each Framed-Address (8)
that I
add in RadConfigs.

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