RE: User Restrictions

Tim Ballingall ( )
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 10:00:07 +1000

I tried creating an entry in the RadConfigs table & my connection gets
rejected.. The Ascend disconnect cause is 185. If I create a different
account type in RadATConfigs & fix the IP address in there everything
works ok..

Do I need anything else in my RadConfigs beside AccountID, Attribute ID
( 8 )& a data value that contains my IP address. The value column is
left as 0.



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Michael Edholm wrote:
> If you run your Radius server in ODBC mode you are saying that I
should make
> another field in the subaccounts table for the fixed ip adress? If
that is
> the case which fields do I need to add in the table?

No. You would add entries in the RadConfigs table matching the user's
AccountID with the RADIUS attributes you want specifically for that
user (like Framed-Address).

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