Re: Unix passwd file

George Mansoor ( "George )
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 13:31:42 -0700

Have you resolved this? Is there a way to take the encrypted passwords and
put them into your ODBC datasource? I have some UNIX users and some users that
will only be in the ODBC database? What would be the best way to merge these
user sets? The unix users will have to be refreshed on a periodic basis. Any



Greg Johnson Perry-Spencer wrote:

> I have a FreeBSD Unix passwd file that I am trying to use with RadiusNT.
> The hashing method is MD5. All encrypted passwds in the passwd file start
> with $1$. When I run radius x15 (debug mode), I see that radius reads the
> entry from the Unix password file and displays it on the screen:
> (UNIX) User Password: password File Password: $1$.......
> but the Encrypted Password line reads:
> Encrypted Password: $1......
> If does not contain the $ after the 1. Also, the password string is much
> shorter than the Unix encrypted password string. I then get a message:
> Sending Reject of id 93 to cdf3a914 (
> Thanks,
> Greg Johnson