Re: FIX: VerifyMailUser and Multiple Virtual Domains

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 22:23:36 -0700

Rudy Komsic wrote:
> After spending some time battling with SQL's stored Procedure VerifyMailUser
> to get it to list only 1 user for the proper domain, I had modified the
> following lines:

Just to clarify something here, IMHO, Rockliffe didn't implement the
multi-domain support correctly. Even though the stored proc returns
several records, only the ones for the specific domain in question
should be looked at. For example, if this is a pop connection
comes in on a virtual IP associated with domain, then
only those records for should be looked at. That is one of
the reasons why the domain is included with each record.

Our EmerAuth DLL handles this correctly for multi-domain situations,
and most likely this was just an oversight on Rockliffe's part when
they were adding support for the Emerald database.

By not forcing the domain associations, the DLL or mail system
has maximum flexibility for things like domain aliasing and
such in future versions.

Also note that the more complex you make this query, the slower
it runs and has exponential performance issues on the mail

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