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Hello Dale.. I am wondering if my problem is related to this. I am trying to
place specific route in my Emerald subacounts with little success. I am
using 3com/TC Hyperarcs.. When I Place the routes statically in the Hyperarc
they work.. When I use Framed-Route in RadiusNT, It seems to disregard the
whole statement. I see it loading in -x15, however nothing changes in my
route table.

Framed-Route 2
Framed-Route 2

I have utilized the Framed-Address, and Framed-Netmask...

I figure I am missing something obvious.

Also, I am getting two unknown attributes, 50 and 51. From the 3com docs it
appears that 50=Account-Multi-Session-Id, 51=Account-Link-Count. How should
do I add these?

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Kurt Lange wrote:
> I was playing with radusers.exe and ran in to a problem with attributes
> have more then one parameter. It appears that attributes with a space in
> them i.e. Framed Route, won't load from the text file. When I put the
> in with quotes around it it will load from the file and appears to auth OK
> but the route doesn't work in the NAS (it does work when NOT in quotes).

Framed-Route should be "Framed-Route". Attriubute names can not have
spaces in them. This is reall the Emerald compatability issue that
I was referring to with the newer version of radusers.

> Framed Route " 1"
> Loads text file in RadiusNT but doesn't work on NAS (USR TC
> Framed Route 1
> Works on NAS but RadiusNT gives the following error on load:
> radius: attribute name not found
> radius: Parse error -95 for user USERNAME
> 1778 users loaded!

It should be:

Framed-Route = " 1"

For string attributes, you must include the begin/end quotes in the
data field of the RadConfigs/RadATConfigs tables.

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