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Kurt Lange ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 18:52:28 -0500

I was playing with radusers.exe and ran in to a problem with attributes that
have more then one parameter. It appears that attributes with a space in
them i.e. Framed Route, won't load from the text file. When I put the route
in with quotes around it it will load from the file and appears to auth OK
but the route doesn't work in the NAS (it does work when NOT in quotes).

Framed Route " 1"
Loads text file in RadiusNT but doesn't work on NAS (USR TC HUB/NetServer).

Framed Route 1
Works on NAS but RadiusNT gives the following error on load:

radius: attribute name not found
radius: Parse error -95 for user USERNAME
1778 users loaded!

Not licensed for Enterprise feature: Failover.

I think I understand the failover feature but I assume these particular
users still won't load.

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Please ignore my ignorance :)

I must have missed something somewhere when following this thread. I was
under the impression this utility created a text backup file from DB. Where
does it put the file and what does it call it? How can I control it's


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> What is the proper command line syntax for radusers.exe? I'de like to
> schedule it but can't seem to get the right combination together to run it
> without prompting me.

For the old one, include the ODBC DSN on the command line like:

radusers emerald

If you can't use a trusted connection (you keep getting prompted for
a username/password) then use this formation:

radusers "emerald;uid=username;pwd=password"

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