Re: Special (authenticate anyone) user in text mode ?

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 12:37:11 +0800

>Danny Sinang wrote:
>> I seem to remember someone once mention a special user in text mode which
>> will allow ANYONE to successfully be authneticated by RadiusNT. But I
>> find his email about it.
>Use this entry at the bottom of your users files:
>DEFAULT Password = "ANY"
> Attribute = Values,
> etc..
>but only when you want to auth everyone.
>> Can someone please refresh my memory ? What is the name of this special
>> ? Is it "any" ? And will my customers need to use "any" as their login
>> ? Or will their existing login names be accepted ? If their login names
>> be accepted, will it be accounted for in both text mode ODBC mode ?
>It will accept all username/password combinations. The "ANY" password
>actually works for any username (including DEFAULT) as well as any user
>in the database (ODBC MODE). In both mode, it will do accounting to
>This dosn't change anything about how accounting works (it still works
>as normal).
>> Does this special user work also for RadiusNT 1.16.60 ?

Sorry for the vague question. This is a clearer one ...

Does the "Default" user function in 1.16.60 ( even if just in text mode ) ?

What if I run in both text mode and ODBC mode ? Will users be able to auth
because of the "Default" user configured in the text file and still have
accounting info in the ODBC database ?

- Danny Sinang