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Allen Mallari ( (no email) )
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 11:55:07 -0700

here is the result of my radius -x15:

radrecv: Request from host 7f000001 code=3D1, id=3D132, length=3D54
NAS-IP-Address =3D
NAS-Port =3D 0
User-Name =3D "ma"
Password =3D "\36159\204\022\274\315\373OMwW\332n\215\362"
Checking user record PW_PASSWORD type
chkPwd->strvalue is WINNT\xfiamail
decrypted pwd is wads
(WINNT) User:ma Domain:xfiamail Password:wads

RadiusNT does not have sufficient rights to authenticate against the NT=
ivilege Not Held)
Sending Reject of id 132 to 7f000001 (

Resp Time: 40 Auth: 0/1 -> 1 Acct: 1/0/0 -> 1

hope this helps now.


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On 8/11/98, at 8:03 PM, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

>Allen Mallari wrote:
>> this is what i did:
>> 1) I open up one command window for radius -x15.
>> MSDOS: radius -x15
>I need the lines in THIS window, that start with radrecv and end
>with the stats line for each request. Your still just giving the
>radlogin results, which isn't that useful to resolving your problem.
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