RE: MaxSessionLength in ServerAccess table

Mike Rabaut ( )
Wed, 12 Aug 1998 11:51:07 -0400

Is there a way of doing this with MS Access??


At 11:12 AM 8/12/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks Dale. I didn't have a stored procedure called RadCheckPort in
>the database at all. I created it and all works fine now.
>Mark Colasante
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>Subject: Re: MaxSessionLength in ServerAccess table
>Mark Colasante wrote:
>> What value should be in the MaxSessionLength column in the
>> table in order to NOT limit the session lengths. I am using Radius
>> and SQL Server database. Currently, I have this field NULL for all
>> servers and it does not allow any access at all. I had them set to 0
>> also but got the same denied access.
>Do you see the "Access allowed for xx Seconds"? If you do, then RadiusNT
>sees a MSL as a positive number. The value can be 0 or NULL. What does
>radlogin show for the return attributes for the user?
>Also, check your RadCheckPort stored procedure. It should look like
>CREATE PROCEDURE RadCheckPort @nasid varchar(16), @nasport integer, @at
>varchar(15) AS
>Select MaxSessionLength, StartTime, StopTime, CurrTime = (DatePart(Hour,
>GetDate()) * 60) + DatePart(Minute, GetDate())
>From Servers s, ServerAccess sa
>Where s.ServerID = sa.ServerID
> AND s.IPAddress = @nasid
> AND (sa.Port=@nasport or sa.Port=NULL)
> AND sa.AccountType = @at
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