Re: Roaming

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 20:34:52 -0700

David Moore wrote:
> I need to accept pass-through authentication from a merit system for final
> authentication against the users in RadiusNT. I want to do this in ODBC
> mode. the merit system passes me the user name with the realm as a suffix
> (i.e. The trick I need to accomplish is to strip
> the realm (suffix/domain) prior to authentication and returning the proper
> attributes. I can make everything work without using the proxying
> capabilities if I go into the subaccounts table and add the domain to the
> User field, but I don't want to do it that way. I need to know how to set
> up the RadRoamDomains and RadRoamServers (and Servers) tables to accomplish
> this. I have the Enterprise version. I have tried every combination of
> data in the RadRoamDomain and RadRoamServers tables and checked and
> unchecked everything I can find in the administrator with no luck. (Yes, I
> have TreatAsLocal and StripDomain marked as yes, but I don't think the
> request is getting that far.)

One way to do this is use the Login and Email fields with their
entries (user and

If you want to use the roaming features, then you need to enable the
user proxy option in the RadiusNT admin. You need to add a
entry and only the Name is relevent. Make Sure you set both
and StripDomain to 1. Then add a RadRoamDomains entry that points to
RadRoamServerID and has the domain you want to strip.

Also, make sure your RadCheckDomain stored procedure is correct,
has permissions and is returning results.

> There is a service listed under NT called "Radius Server / Proxy", but it
> will not run. I get an error "ERROR 0002: The system cannot find the file
> specified" when I try to start it. Is this Part of RadiusNT and should it
> be running?

No. RadiusNT is the only relevant service for it.

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