Re: Request for Enhancement

Edsonet ( )
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 13:25:33 -0600

I fail to see what good sending an email to a customer who can't login is.
Our NAS returns the reason for not being able to log in immediately, as
long as the customer uses the post dial-up login screen. The PAP
authorization screen uses the same generic message for practically every
error that it encounters. Thats where the improvement is needed.

J.A. Coutts
Systems Engineer
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At Sun, 09 Aug 1998 08:00:51 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Dale,
>I have been following several threads in various lists regarding multiple
>concurrent logon control. RadiusNT does an excellent joj of controlling this!
>The one feature that is very often mentioned that seems to be an excellent
>idea, for several reasons, including selling more dialin accounts to
>commercial entities using one dialin for all employees, is the ability to
>send an email to the offending account explaining that the logon was
>rejected due to the fact that the username is already logged on.
>Might there be a way to get RadiusNT to have this option in a not too
>distant release?
>Jim Evans