ODBC errors (solved)

Ted Olson ( tolson@ocsnet.net )
Sun, 09 Aug 1998 11:02:36 -0700

Followup - after our recent login server upgrade we started getting lots of
these errors:

ODBC Error:23000:-1605:

Finally resolved this one after noticing in the ACCT debug file that every
error was immediately preceded by 2 identical stop records - which explains
the "duplicate key" ODBC error. Kurt at IEA had mentioned NAS timeout
values, which sounded like they could be related - we increased them to 10
and that error stopped occuring.

We're still seeing a few of the following AUTH errors however, seem to be
related to either no username or invalid character problems in the
password. I wonder if these errors are considered normal? Any possible
relationship to the "trim" option, which we have checked?

ODBC Error:00000:0:
ODBC Error:00000:6:

Ted Olson
Olson Computer Services