vendor specific attributes ?

Glenn, Bill ( (no email) )
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 14:06:41 -0500

We have a Cisco 2511 doing Radius accounting. The problem is that NAS-Port
(attribute 5) is limited to 2 bytes (0-65535) by the RFC. For Cisco
extended virtual port name format this limits the ports to 55 before the
value wraps around. (6XX00 with XX ranging from 0-55). Cisco can send
virtual port info without this limitation as a vendor specific attribute
string. I verified with a LAN monitor that it is sent, but the RadiusNT
account record reports a null string. Is there a way to configure RadiusNT
to handle this? Cisco says that it will work with their CiscoSecure server
but are not familiar with RadiusNT. Thanks for any help.

Bill Glenn
Quality Assurance
Compaq Computers
Access Solutions Division