Log on problem

Ed Miller ( (no email) )
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 16:50:50 -0400

Hi All,

I am not sure where to put this. Emerald, RadiusNT or Ascend. We are
running RadiusNt 2.2 (no time to upgrade to 2.5) Emerald 2.2.38 and Ascend
Max4002 with 6.0.4 software.

We have unsolved problems with 2 of our customers.

1. Can call in in the morning 8 to 9 am but after 10 they can not get
in, usually till the next day. (The computer has been on all night, so it is
warm). When this happens. I do not even get a record in the Radius screen
output that they are trying. We keep x-2 going all the time and watch but
get nothing. They get a can negotiate a compatible protocol, I think.
They are using a standard radius setup :

samwaltz Password = "xxxxxx", Expiration = "Jan 01 1999"
Ascend-Idle-Limit = 1200
Ascend-Maximum-Channels = 1
Framed-Protocol = 1
User-Service = 2

This is the same setup as about 400 others in the system.

I told them it was a problem with hardware(modem) or some other program was
running at time. They said that they took it to the shop and everything was

2. When the customer dials directly into our Ascend he will not connect.
(Again no record.) Your hear the handshake on the customers end, then it
works down to a hiss and stays there. BUT if he dial long distance to one
of our down state numbers, which is relayed backed up to the same number in
the Ascend, he gets in and is connected at 40k+. We tried putting in a
couple on comas but it did not help. The customer has to dial 9 to get an
outside line.