strange problem with PM3 + radius

Kauffman Peter ( )
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 08:57:22 +0200

We are working with the PM3, 60 ports and radiusNT V2.0.

At a certain moment we did shut down our system.
Both radiusserver and PM3 were out of power. After reboot we saw
something very strange. Every 10 seconds radius gets a login from NAS
port 89, cannot locate the "user" and rejects it.

Something is send from the PM3, a string, containing " Login, command
not" , as a part of more.
So we see a "user" login: Login command...and it is always NAS port 89.

We do not have a NAS port 89 ! the PM3 can carry 60 ports.
We upgraded the COMOS to 3.8.b13, but it was not a solution.
With our Livingston supplier we are searching for days now but cannot
locate the problem. The systems are running for 1 1/2 year with no
problems at all.

We cannot locate the "unknow call". It isn't there, not on the telephone
lines and not on the D-channels. There is Nothing!
We did analyse the network of the PM3 connections but could not find

Maybe there is someone who saw this problem, or something like it,
before, elswhere...

Thanks, Peter Kauffman