Re: Multilink PPP with USR Chassis and RadiusNT/Emerald

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Mon, 3 Aug 1998 09:27:10 -0400

we are running Quads on Netserver. we are using MPIP for interchassis
multilink protocol. to try this out, make sure you dial 1 chassis for first
link then dial the second chassis and establish a connection. You will notice
on the calls online you are connected once and when you hang up, you will have
a port 6000 when you check the time online.

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From: Lamar Townsend <>
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Date: July 31, 1998 8:40 PM
Subject: RE: Multilink PPP with USR Chassis and RadiusNT/Emerald

>I have not seen this problem. Are you running Quads or HyperDSPs,
>Netserver or HyperARCs? And what version of the code?
>Lamar Townsend
>VP Microgear Computers & Microgear.Net
>Hmm... lately we have discovered a small problem with Multilink PPP and
>accounting features with connections. When a Client connects under the
>Multilink connection, it sometimes report Port 6000. This may be the port
>that the VPN connection between chassis where it will conduct the
>communications are conducted.
>Could this be a bug in the latest USR Chassis code?
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