Interesting Project for intertying NT User Manager with Emerald Database

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 19:45:38 -0400

After thinking long hours ( just a about 10 minutes in RL) I was wondering if
SQL could be triggered to execute an external batch process. If so, Emerald's
interface for 2.5 can be customized to include the following fields to create
web pages with IIS software:

Fields needed in Emerald Database:

Toggle to see if External process to create user account via Resource
Kit's Create User command

Domain the user is created on (usually the server's local user table, not
the whole company domain)

Server where to create the user account.

The Directory that the client's website will be hosted on (usually in UNC
structure since we would use the Samba method (the one hackers use to gain
access to a netbios connected drive) to connect to the domain to create the
directory or use the net login command.

This would be to verify if the client will be hosting via Frontpage. If
so, it will just create a new directory web site via the web administration

The IP Address the client's website will be using for binding to the site.

The name the site will be called (usually full domain name

The name the site will be called via FTP

Any other variables that would be needed can be displayed at a later date.

Procedure of having Emerald setup the client's FTP or Frontpage site.

If the IISServer has a value of true, then on the SQL Server the run external
process would start the batch file with the variables needed to first create
the Client's account. We could use the Resource Kit's create user program to
make the account with the appropriate values and have them assigned to the
correct groups. Along with the username and password would come the
Expiration date as well. This way Emerald would control the dates and active
account information for the client. The client's Home directory will be based
within the User Manager via a global directory name based on the copied user
account defined for this (usually Z:\INetPub\\~%USERNAME%). IF
the client has a full domain name, then a different home directory would be
used (Z:\INetPub\%VALUE%-%USERNAME%, Value is the value passed from
IISServerWebName and username is to make easy tracking for accoutning

The Next step would be to use the power of SQL to make a HTML Request to the
destination server and access a modified version of the ASP web based
administration page where it would create the virtual site and bind it to an
available IP that was assigned via IISIPMap. If the server is gonna be a
frontpage server, the IISFPHosting will determine if the Frontpage Hosting
features would be activated. Any additional features could be defined at a
later date that would be needed for this.

If the site is not gonna be Frontpage hosted, then a second ASP request would
be made to make the be associated to The client's
FTP Site would not have anonymous login and could access it via username and
password. If the client's site is a virtual directory, the same would follow
but he would see a list of all directories in the virtual site. He will only
have access to his directory structure only as read and write.

Now if the client needs a CGI-BIN directory, this can also be created via the
web-based management.

If anyone out there is interested in programming this, I would like to hear
from you so that we could work together on this and finally have Emerald work
directly with NT and IIS instead of using just one FTP server solution.

Dale, any insite on this type of configuration that could be added to Emerald
to make this function or give negative feedback on this would be appreciated.

Now the task of finding someone who would be interested in developing this
(prefer a Canadian Programmer since we are based in Canada)

Rudy Komsic
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