SQL and Concurrency Control

Postman Account ( postman@cp-tel.net )
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 09:51:04 -0500

Recently, we upsized our Radius database to MS SQL Server.

We want to use the concurrency control feature... does it
work properly with RadiusNT v2.5124?

....shouldn't we only have to populate the ServerPorts with
ServerID and Port information... and the manual calls
update will take care of the rest...?

Is this the correct way to have concurrency control
with MS SQL? Anything I'm missing...? does it work
correctly in RadiusNT v2.5124?

(In the past, with RadiusNT v2.2... it wouldn't work
properly... we were using Access... RadiusNT would
lock-out accounts that attempted multiple logins..
which was a nightmare... it would think they were still
logged on... until we cleared out the ServerPorts table.)

Please reply! :)