Re: ver2.5

Ted Olson ( )
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 11:49:33 -0700

At 11:00 AM 7/26/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Ted Olson wrote:
>> Well, we're up with 2.5.124 ... now adding tables and fields to match the
>> new changes. At the moment we're trying to figure out the relationship (or
>> lack thereof) that is causing a stream of MsgID=19 in RadLogs, accompanied
>> by the logfile entries below. Can't really see the relationship so far that
>> is missing and causing these errors (users trying to dial in keep getting a
>> 'wrong password' message). Any help?
>If you look in the RadLogMsgs table, you'll see thet 19 is "No
>That means the user doesn't have any specific attributes and there are
>default attributes for the user's account type in the RadATConfigs

Actually Dale, just FYI, those attributes *were* already set up
(AccountType in sa and matching record/field in RadATConfigs). That's what
stumped me, and I fired off the note above 'just in case' while continuing
to create the tables that are new in 2.5 and populating the new field
additions to our preexisting tables from v1.16.49b. After that was done
everything worked fine, with no need to add any attributes (they were
already there, including defaults). Seems that it must have been a
different relationship that was dependant on one of the new changes that
was triggering the errors.

(Sorry if my note was yelling fire prematurely, but being down on a busy
weekend with phones ringing off the hook is no picnic, as I'm sure you
know. Just wanted to get the question out there as a backup plan in case
what we were doing still didn't solve the problem.)