Radius running slow

( rich@midway.net )
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 17:13:38 -0500

I have been running radiusNT since the beginning of the year and have had
few problems. We added an Ascend MAX 2012 and found the time-out problem
with the accounting packets and we got that fixed, but now a new problem has
come up.

It seems that our server is taking arround 5-7 seconds to update the
callsonline. We are using a P166 with 64MB ram and NT40 SP3. The only other
thing on the server is our billing system.

If I rename the callsonline to something else and restart radius it the
responce times are in are arround 200-400 according to debug screen. We are
using MS access for all of our information.

I have also tried exporting and importing all of the data to a different MDB
file thinking that there might be a database problem.

Any Ideas?

Richard Thompson
Midway Internet Access