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Sun, 19 Jul 1998 18:13:49 -0400


I am having someproblems understanding how to set up some of the features
in RadiusNT. I saw your questions on the newsgroup. Have you ever
received an answer to them??

I sure would appredciate knowing...


At 03:15 PM 7/16/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Radius 2.5 ,Emerald,NT.
>I have spent too many hours trying to get concurrncy control working,no
>luck yet :/
>Below is an excerpt form the radius manual.
> Preventing a single user from logging in multiple times simultaneously
>is called concurrency control. RadiusNT uses the RADIUS Accounting
>records to maintain a list of who is currently on-line. To achieve
>this, you must add records into the ServerPorts table that match the
>ServerID from the Servers table, and the Port column which matches the
>NAS-Port attribute in the accounting packet. You can run RadiusNT in
>-x15 debug mode to see examples of the NAS-Port numbers. RadiusNT will
>only update the records of the ServerPorts table, and will not create
>The CallsOnline view contains columns from both the Servers and
>ServerPorts table. It is simply a convenient way to read and manipulate
>data based on both of those tables. This view is used mainly for
>checking and updating the callsonline list, as noted below.
>When RadiusNT receives an authentication request and concurrency control
>is enabled, it will look at the number of entries in the CallsOnline
>view which match the username. If you do not have variable login limits
>enabled, then RadiusNT will default to only allowing the user to login
>one time. If you do have variable login limits enabled, then RadiusNT
>will only allow the user to login the number of times specified in the
>LoginLimit field. All other requests will be rejected.
>It says :
>"To achieve this, you must add records into the ServerPorts table that
>match the ServerID from the Servers table, and the Port column which
>matches the NAS-Port attribute in the accounting packet"
>Add records ? what records ?
>Whats the server ID from the call table ?
>Port column which matches the NAS-Port attribute ?
>I dont see how i can match those,the NAS-Port attribute for each call is
>simply the port number on which thatcall is being made ?
>Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I have recently
>introducedan Unlimited Plan,and a few clients are trying to share one
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