Re: Invalid character value for cast specification

George Mansoor ( "George )
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 21:22:03 -0700

I found out the reason for this error. I tried to change the type of
AccountID from int to varchar (setting it the same as the login id). The
reason I did this was because I wrote a stored procedure to add accounts to
my radius database. The when the stored procedure inserts a row into
subaccounts, the identity column (accountid) isn't incremented correctly.
Does anyone know how I can insert a row into subaccounts using a stored



George Mansoor (LS) wrote:

> I'm trying to test Radius 2.5 and my server will not authenticate users.
> It can't find them after the select to query to see if it's in the
> subaccount table, there is an error that is returned:
> ODBC Error:22005:0: Invalid character value for cast specification.
> Any ideas on this?
> George