Static IP can't surf

Victor A. ( (no email) )
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 17:48:52 -0400

We've assigned a Static IP address to one of our customers in Emerald and
under the Radius Tab we've setup the following configuration:

User-Service Framed-User 6 2
Framed Protocol PPP 7 1
Framed Address 8
Framed Netmask 9

Well, the user logs on fine, Emerald shows the user with the Static IP
but.... the user can't do anything at all!! We had him connect to our
PR and to the PM3 no changes at all. He's unable to go onto the Internet.

What else does one needs to do, the user is running Win95 and has tried
entering the Static IP info in DUN and the Network Icon of the CP, in both
cases same result.

Anyone knows what am I missing here....