Re: Upgrade to V.90

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 18:05:52 -0400

From: tech <>
I, When I upgrade with maxlink pro my Max 4048, with telnet and tsave, it
said "save failed, cause request time out"
What can I do for upgrade my Max.

It partly depends on what version OS you currently have in the Max. Take a
look at the "Ugrading system software" section of the following file:

The best way to do it is via a direct console connection. The TFTP server
can be anywhere and so can the OS files, so long as they're accessible via
the net without much traffic).

I'm using 6.1.0 on my 3 Maxes and haven't run into any problems. I've
heard that 6.1.3 may have a couple problems, but I can't speak from

Josh Hillman