Re: Users and ODBC

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 11:10:08 -0700

Reid Sutherland wrote:
> I still have problems with users and ODBC. I fill in the Subaccounts ->
> Login and Password tables with the info, but Radius still can't find the
> users. I can send a sample of what my db looks like. But thing is, it's
> picture perfect according to the docs and the other example dbs supplied. No
> idea what's going on.

If RadiusNT is displaying the Error:0000 (which menas there wasn't an error)
after the user search, that means there were no users matching the criteria
of the query. This could be because the service or MBR is not active, there
isn't a relationship between them, or some other reason. What I would do is
capture the select query from RadiusNT in -x15 debug mode and look at the
where clause. Check to make sure each of them are valid for the entry you
are looking for. YOu can also paste that query into your database (using
either MS Access' SQL option on a query or isql_w in sql server) and see
what parts of the where clause are causing the query to return no results.

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