2ch ISDN on Ascend, Cisco

Ted Olson ( tolson@ocsnet.net )
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 14:44:31 -0700

We're running RadNT 1.16.49b, ODBC (Access97), NT4/SP3 ... 2 clients want
to go from 1ch ISDN to 2ch. Encaps on our NASes is set to MPP - my
understanding is that all else that's needed on our end is to add a rec for
each account in radConfigs, radAttributeID=235, data=2, value=1. Set their
routers for max 2ch and we're there.

Am I missing something, is there anything else? One of these clients *was*
bonding two ch's on demand, but that just stopped working and they've
dropped back to 1ch. Ascend has looked at both ends and say all is config'd
correctly. 1ch tests are fine, just can't get the second ch to kick in. I'm
starting to think telco switch (same c/o is common to both accounts), any
other suggestions?

-Ted Olson
OCS Software