Login Strangeness

Gregory White ( (no email) )
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 10:33:46 -0700

We just ran the rad25_up2.sql script in preparation for upgrading to Radius
2.5. Everything went smoothly except for one problem. Consider the
following scenario:

Under one master billing record there are two subaccounts:

Account 1:

Services: Dialup Account
Login: johndoe
Password: password1
Email: (blank)

Account 2:

Services: Email Only
Login: (blank)
Password: differentpassword
Email: johndoe

This doesn't happen too frequently, but there are several customers who
want the same username, but a different password for login and email. The
problem is that now, radius only looks at Account 2, and returns an error
about the Email Only account not having any default radius attributes.
This is expected since the Email Only account does not have dialup
capability. However, the fact that it is looking at Account 2, regardless
of the Login field being blank is strange.

Is there some option or setting that I have missed, or have inappropriately

Thank you,

Greg White
Network Operations Manager
Direct NET Communications