Re: Discovering accounting attributes

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 22:23:01 -0700

2Day Internet wrote:
> I need to be sure RadiusNT is recording all of of the accounting attributes
> sent by my NAS. Can I do this without understanding what my NAS may be
> sending Radius?

If RadiusNT is in text mode, it dumps all the attributes to the detail
file for that NAS. If RadiusNT is in ODBC mode, it *ONLY* records the
attributes which match the field names in the calls table. This is
clearly outlined in the RadiusNT documentation (including how to
update it).

> Putting it another way, does the accounting record saved in logfile.txt (all
> debug boxs checked) show all of the attributes the NAS is sending, or only
> those Radius is configured to receive?

If you are running in debug mode, all the attributes do get stored.
Howeber, this is NOT what you want to do. The debug is not meant to
be a parseable output and you will take a severe performance hit with
debug enabled.

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