Re: How to e-mail usage reports?

Will LaSala ( )
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 13:00:37 -0400

I think I'm kinda confused on this one.
What type of usage reports?
Amount of time during a day or amount of bytes being sent and received or am
I missing it totally?
Will ,,,=^. .^=,,,
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From: Michael G. Minnich <>
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Date: Tuesday, July 07, 1998 11:24 AM
Subject: Re: How to e-mail usage reports?

>>btw, if you have the latest copy of the radius.mdb (or whatever it is
>>named) you should have the necessary queries to do the archiving and
>>deletion of the Calls records :)
>I *knew* that. too little sleep and too many allergies. Sorry.
>We want the e-mail usage report not for billing as our billing system is
>adequate, but to satisfy the curious. When we used an upstream ISP that was
>Unix based, they e-mailed monthly txt reports to each user. Since we became
>an NT shop, and standalone, we have not sent reports and the natives are
>growing restless.
>Thanks for the suggestions so far. When we get something to work, we will
>post how we did it.
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