Re: USR Upgrade problem

2Day Internet ( (no email) )
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 20:01:38 +1200

To my fellow victims of 3Com stupidity..

>We had lot of problem like this. Worst of all the Box would intermittently
>stop answering calls. We tried this upgrade on 4 different boxes under
>3coms guidance. Every time there were BIG problems afterwards.

Have just given up trying to talk to Hong Kong service engineer (he was my
last hope for help in this part of the world - esculated to US now!)

Following are required it you want Netserver to allocate an IP address from
its pool.


I didnt have them (not needed in v3.2.5.3)

My big problem now is that if I specify a static IP address for a particular
account (something within my class c network) Netserver logs this to

Facility "IP", Level "Critical":: User xxxx is configured for an existing IP
network address

Anybody know why it might be saying this?

I have users that *must* have a static IP address by tomorrow or I am dead
in the water!


Peter Mott
Chief Enthusiast
2Day Internet Limited.