Re: OT: Transparent Proxy

Carlo Gibertini ( (no email) )
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 11:39:38 -0300

Ops.. Sorry

Wrong list.


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From: Dale Reed <>
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Date: Quarta-feira, 1 de Julho de 1998 20:17
Subject: Re: OT: Transparent Proxy

>Carlo Gibertini wrote:
>> I am looking for a transparent proxy solution.
>> Can someone point me in the direction, and list the pro and cons of using
>> this tecnologies?
>If you mean proxying RADIUS requests, then you are most likely
>looking for the Server Proxy feature of RadiusNT 2.5. If not,
>then you define what kind of proxy you are talking about (and
>possibly on the ntisp list, not here).
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