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Dale Reed ( daler@iea-software.com )
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 23:30:36 -0700

Mark DeWar wrote:
> I am currently using the UNET Radius. I have about 1275 people that i would
> need to switch over.
> nothing fancy. just straight ppp login. what is the basic setup in the user
> file i need to get going ?

The RadiusNT users file is the same format as Livingston and Ascend.
Take a look at the users.example for a better description of it.

> how is anyone changing exp dates to keep those that don't pay from logging
> on ? that looks like a problem.

I would recommend looking into the ODBC support of RadiusNT. This is
what most people use and allows easy user management, etc.

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