R: Transparent Proxy

Luca Brizzi ( (no email) )
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 09:25:43 +0200

You can buy the Cisco WebCache Box (pros: it works!-cons: $$$$$!!!!)

or you can try this for free http://squid.nlanr.net/Squid/

It works fine and it's fast!!

Luca Brizzi
Pro.Net. srl

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Da: Carlo Gibertini <carlo@nw.com.br>
A: radiusnt@iea-software.com <radiusnt@iea-software.com>
Data: marted́ 30 giugno 1998 23.51
Oggetto: OT: Transparent Proxy

>I am looking for a transparent proxy solution.
>Can someone point me in the direction, and list the pro and cons of using
>this tecnologies?
>Thanks in advance,
>Carlo Gibertini