Re: The Incredible Expanding Database

Scott Lagos ( )
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 17:11:24 -0400

Agreed! Ya, we split it this way and that way and the growth is still
there. The unfortunate part is we cant upgrade to SQL fast enought!



At 07:13 PM 6/28/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Scott Lagos wrote:
>> Nice that you pointed out what isn't causing it Dale, but do you have an
>> explanation as to why it would be happening?
>I didn't want to get into this discussion, because I don't like MS
>If you want somethine to catalog your CDs, its a great choice. If you
>to do anything serious with it, its a terrible choice. The engine is
>not suited for scaleability, multi user interaction, or anything else
>could "seriously" want to use it for.
>Putting a lot of transactions through access makes it grow. Why? If
>I knew, I'd definately tell you. Something you could try with RadiusNT
>2.5 (if you are not doing concurrency control) is to put your calls
>table in a second MS Access database, and use two DSNs. I'm guessing
>that if you have manual calls update, its that which is causing the
>database to grow. If you split them and its the auth database that
>grows (and is compactable) thats the issue. If its the acct database
>that is the one, then you can look at what RadiusNT is doing with that
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