Re: Lantronix LRS32 and RadiusNT

Mike@NetDotCom ( (no email) )
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 11:11:21 -0400

I tried the single port version this time last year. Bought it as a test
unit so I could test various radiusNT configurations/changes without
disrupting my main servers.

I had several problems getting the unit to make proper radius calls, spent a
lot of time on the phone with their tech support, tried several flash
upgrades, etc.

In short I never got it to work right and ended up returning it. I then got
a Livingston OR-HS on demo and had it working in 15-20 minutes.

They may have improved it since then and your looking at the 32 port
version. I would only buy it if I knew I could return it in 30 days in case
it didn't work right.


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From: Glen Harvy <>
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Date: Tuesday, June 30, 1998 1:42 AM
Subject: Lantronix LRS32 and RadiusNT

>I've been offered one of the above beasts and will need to run
>RadiusNT/Emerald with it.
>Has anyone got any experience with Lantronix products in general and the
>above in particular?
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