Re: Did this authenticate?

Dale Reed ( )
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 21:31:01 -0700

Mike Noel wrote:
> >Yes, they are all responding. What you may want to do is set RadiusNT
> >to run on a specific IP Address in the Admin and see if it corrects
> >the problem.
> Ok. I changed the IP Address setting from All to the IP that RadiusNT is
> running on. I still got the same output. I do not have the port set but
> I'm surprised it would even communicate with the portmaster if the default
> didn't work. However, I can put that in the field. What is the default port?

You might want to try some debug on the PM side and also test RadiusnT
with Radlogin (see the testing section of the RadiusNT 2.5 docs).

The default port for auth is 1645 and Acct is 1646.

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