Re: The Incredible Expanding Database ( (no email) )
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 10:31:39 -0500

It is definitely the nature of Access97. We had to compact/compress at
least twice a week. The more activity Access has the more it expands. We
also had loads of problems with ODBC locking up every 30 hours or so.
Changed over to SQL, much better :). We only have to dump the logs now and
then. RadiusNT Rules!

At 12:16 PM 6/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Unfortunately, I think this is the nature of RadiusNT v2.5
>when using Access97.... it explodes in size... constantly...
>not sure if this is a bug.
>Our RadiusNT v2.5 database grows very rapidly and has to
>be compacted at least once a day... it doubles... and
>triples in size... every 24 hours... debugging is off.
>Although, we never had this problem under RadiusNT v1.6.
>Usually, it'll be recommended for you to buy MS SQL
>server... and run it with RadiusNT.

>At 09:05 AM 6/26/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hi, we are using RadiusNT to authenticate against an MSAccess database. I
>>have noticed that after about 24hours of running this database has grown
>>from about 7MB to over 100MB in size. I have needed to stop the RadiusNT
>>service (not good) and compact/repair the database to return it to a more
>>manageable size.
>>Anybody have an idea what I am doing wrong?
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