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Dale Reed ( daler@iea-software.com )
Sun, 28 Jun 1998 19:27:36 -0700

Richard Sensale wrote:
> Hmm this could be a problem for us. We have an arrangement with a gentleman
> who resells our service. The way it works is that we bill him for all his
> signups and he bills them independantly. We put all of his users in as Sub
> account services under his MBR. So we can generate one bill for him with
> all of his accounts on it. Juts how many can Emerald handle under one MBR?

Its not an issue of what Emerald can handle on one bill, its an
issue of manageability at some point in time. I wasn't saying that
Emerald couldn't handle it, I just said it wasn't designed for it.
I did point out some early additions we including for those people
who wanted to do it, though.

> >Actually, Emerald (not the admin, since its not relevant) does have a
> >way of handling this. If you uncheck the "load services" it won't
> >load them. A hidden feature of Emerlad is to click in the services
> >grid and start typing. It will search to the login if you have
> >services loaded. Otherwise, if you don't have serices loaded, just
> >type the whole name in and hit edit and it will search/load the service.
> >
> >Emerald isn't designed for having 4000 users under a single MBR.
> >Anyone trying to do that should have a Group and put them in as
> >services, since thats most likely what you really want to do anyways.

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