Re: The Incredible Expanding Database

Dale Reed ( )
Sun, 28 Jun 1998 19:13:28 -0700

Scott Lagos wrote:
> Nice that you pointed out what isn't causing it Dale, but do you have an
> explanation as to why it would be happening?

I didn't want to get into this discussion, because I don't like MS
If you want somethine to catalog your CDs, its a great choice. If you
to do anything serious with it, its a terrible choice. The engine is
not suited for scaleability, multi user interaction, or anything else
could "seriously" want to use it for.

Putting a lot of transactions through access makes it grow. Why? If
I knew, I'd definately tell you. Something you could try with RadiusNT
2.5 (if you are not doing concurrency control) is to put your calls
table in a second MS Access database, and use two DSNs. I'm guessing
that if you have manual calls update, its that which is causing the
database to grow. If you split them and its the auth database that
grows (and is compactable) thats the issue. If its the acct database
that is the one, then you can look at what RadiusNT is doing with that

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