Re: Dr. Watson strangeness

Dale Reed ( )
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 21:40:39 -0700

Peter D. Mayer wrote:
> I think I've found the problem. The last auth in -x15 mode was for someone
> with a username of 4 letters and about 50 spaces.
> I seem to remember reading about something like that on the list several
> months ago, I'll have to check the archive. I've removed this user, and if
> it doesn't crash tomorrow, case closed. This is a serious bug! Does this
> exist in 2.5? I'm getting ready to upgrade next week.

Yes it is a serious bug and yes it has been fixed in 2.5. The
trimname option can trim the spaces off as well.

> BTW, the Radius and SQL services already had rights to interact with the
> desktop, but it was still doing the 100% thing anyway. Know of anything
> else that would cause that? Thanks for the suggestions!

I would suggest upgrading to 2.5, fast, since it will most likely
resolve the crash problem.

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