Re: 1605 Errors

Youssef A. Rhaman ( (no email) )
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 20:18:24 +0300

Check to see how many digits are in the AccountSessionId column, I had the same problem and was
able to solve it by increasing the number of the digits from 8 to 10 as the Ascend generates a
10 digits Id, there for the last 2 digits are neglected by the data base. That will most likely
solve the problem.

Youssef A. Rahman
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James B. Hrdy wrote:

> I have an access database, and I too am getting errors. The ascend is set to 60 for a
> timeout and I have it set to 5 retrys. One of the things I see looking in the calls table is
> duplicated AccountSessionId 's Sometimes there may be 6 ids for 3 different logins.
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