Re: Time-banking not functioning *again*

Paul Rensel ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 15:42:23 +0200


i'm not too happy about the fact that you've changed the timeleft from
seconds to minutes.

I don't know when this has happened but using seconds is the only thing we
should use.

When calculating with minutes, our ISDN users will not be very happy because
each call, regardless how long (and with ISDN 20 seconds for checking mail
is normal) is charged as one minute.
Because we sell access by the hour, these users can only login 60 times for
every hour they've bought.

Please reconsider seriously about changing the Timeleft from minutes to
seconds again.

Shouldn't be too hard and actually more logically because AscendMaxtime and
MaxSessiontime are already in seconds, this is done (at least by Ascend)
especially for the ISDN users.

Best Regards,

Paul Rensel

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From: Dale Reed <>
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Date: vrijdag 19 juni 1998 12:26
Subject: Re: Time-banking not functioning *again*

>Paul Rensel wrote:
>> What about 'small-time users', say 15 seconds, will those be correctly
>> calculated against the Timeleft field ??
>Yes. The formula is (AST/60)+1. They will always be subtracted atleast
>one minute for each call (assuming the call was fully authenticated
>and accounted for).
>> what will be the value of timeleft when i have initally 5 in timeleft and
>> somebody calls in for 15 seconds,
>> will the value in timeleft be 4,75 ???
>No. It will be 4. The field in an integer and does not hold decimal
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